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Nothing is Original

This one’s been around the block but always merits another look.

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Part 1 Corrections & Clarifications

If there’s anything else you think should be included, please leave a comment. These corrections will be posted alongside the video and perhaps integrated into a v2 edit.


  • The Sugarhill Gang samples the bass riff from Chic’s “Good Times” in the 1979 hit “Rapper’s Delight”.
    The Sugar Hill Gang reperformed the bassline from “Good Times,” they didn’t sample it.
  • No evidence that Daft Punk sampled “Good Times.”
  • In Zeppelin’s defense, they never sued anybody.
    Zeppelin sued Schooly D for sampling “Kashmir” in “Signifying Rapper.” Zep also threatened to sue over Little Roger and the Goosebumps’s novelty tune, “Gilligan’s Island (Stairway).”


Walking On Eggshells

The 24-minute documentary “Walking on Eggshells” by Jacob Albert, Ryan Beauchamp and Brendan Schlagel covers many of the same ideas I’m exploring.

Everything is a Remix Part 1 Transcript

This is a transcript of the video “Everything is a Remix” Part 1.

Remix. To combine or edit existing materials to produce something new

The term remix originally applied to music. It rose to prominence late last century during the heyday of hip-hop, the first musical form to incorporate sampling from existing recordings.

Early example: the Sugarhill Gang samples the bass riff from Chic’s “Good Times” in the 1979 hit “Rapper’s Delight”.

Rapper’s Delight, The Sugarhill Gang

Good Times, Chic

Since then that same bassline has been sampled dozens of times.

The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash
Grandmaster Flash

Everything’s Gonna be Alright
Father MC

It’s All Good
Will Smith

Gabriel O Pensador

Around … Continue Reading

Guest Post: John Woods

A guest post adapted from an email by songwriter John Woods of Shine: A Burlesque Musical and The Wet Spots.

Noting Led Zeppelin as the first folks who essentially covered without attribution is an interesting distinction. In popular folk & blues music – going back centuries – ‘remixing’ has been going on in the form of putting new lyrics to familiar chords and melodies, lyrics that are often funny and more immediately relevant than the ones they’re replacing. (In that sense, Weird Al is the most traditional songwriter of the late 20th century.) Inevitably, slight changes will occur to the melodies and … Continue Reading

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Everything is a Remix, Part 1

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Songs Used in Everything is a Remix Part 1

0:04 Star Wars Theme, John Williams

0:11 Hey Ladies, Beastie Boys (the version used in the video is an official remix that no longer seems to be commercially available)

0:32 Rapper’s Delight, The Sugarhill Gang

0:40 Good Times, Chic

0:48 The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash, Grandmaster Flash

0:54 Everything’s Gonna be Alright, Father MC

0:59 It’s All Good, Will Smith

1:05 2345Meia78, Gabriel O Pensador

1:10 Around the World, Daft Punk

1:16 No Pause, Girl Talk

1:36 Your Time is Gonna Come, Led Zeppelin

2:06 T&T, Ornette Coleman

2:27 The Ocean (Live), Led Zeppelon

2:37 Bring it on Home, Led Zeppelin

2:47 Bring it on Home, Sonny Boy Williamson

2:53 The Lemon Song, Led Zeppelin

3:00 Killing Floor, Howlin’ Wolf

3:08 … Continue Reading


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