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Giving away €5 (about 7 bucks) in Flattr credits

Update: This offer is now over.

The fine folks over at Flattr have offered me €5 (about 7 bucks) in Flattr credits to give to 100 people. (If you don’t know what Flattr is, watch the short video above.) You have to be a new user to qualify.

To get your free credits, email me at kirby at allremix.ru with the subject line, “Flattr”. The first 100 respondents win. The guys at Flatter will then contact you with a promo code to use during your sign-up.

Once you’ve got some credits, here’s some recommendations on folks to flattr:

  • Brain Pickings
  • TechDirt
  • Nina Paley
  • Symphony of Science
  • Citizen … Continue Reading