Everything is a Remix Part 4

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119 Responses to “Everything is a Remix Part 4”

  1. Rebel28 said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 07:39

    YAY, watching now

  2. Rebel28 said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 07:55

    Just finished it.
    Other than the beginning part, about human evolution, I disagree with that.

    But other than that, the whole thing was absolutely awesome, now I’m going to share it on Facebook. ;)
    I really hope this raises awareness for the unstable status of the way the world is working right now.

  3. MH said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 08:03

    While trade agreements certainly can be negotiated in secret, they must be approved my congress. A trade agreement (ACTA) is easier to pass a treaty, the latter required 2/3 senate approval (i.e. the new START treaty to reduce nuclear stockpiles.) But both have to be passed by Congress.

  4. KM said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 08:09

    Great job!

    The narration is a bit quite on occasion. Turn down the background music next time.


  5. KM said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 08:09

    Quiet! Damn…

  6. Kirby said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 08:17

    How did you listen to it and what section are you referring to?

  7. sorin7486 said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 08:18

    You have mad skills! Great video.

  8. George said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 08:25

    What can I do to fix this? What can we do to fix this?

  9. dave said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 08:30

    I’ve been, like many people, waiting for Part 4 and it didn’t disappoint. Well reasoned, smartly written & beautifully realized. The whole series has been immensely satisfying and thought-provoking. Thank you, Kirby!

  10. Kirby said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 08:36

    It was a pleasure, Dave, thank you!

  11. Josh said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 08:36

    What exactly is there to disagree with? You can’t disagree with facts, only opinions.

    Hey Kirby. Fantastic job. Thanks.

    I think when you say ‘begs the question’ you mean ‘raises the question’.

  12. SAGE said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 08:38

    Bravo! Outstanding work!

  13. Rebel28 said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 08:55

    Well I do disagree with these ‘facts’

  14. Ricone said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 09:02

    Great work. It’s not just covering a lot of great background information here … it is beautifully arranged, entertaining and motivational. Thank you!

  15. JD said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 09:06

    The entire series is brilliant.
    Thank you.

  16. Kirby said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 09:10

    You’re very welcome, Ricone, thank you!

  17. Kirby said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 09:27

    I think awareness is the objective right now. Spread the word.

  18. Bruno said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 10:11

    The background music around 2:50 to 3:40 is a bit to high, I found hard to listen to the narration.
    And I listen to it with earphones.

  19. o:csi said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 11:02

    Thanks for the whole project, Kirby, it was a smart and informational piece of work with a huge research and knowledge at the background. I feel very sorry that it was the last epsiode, but we all know that ‘everything that has a beginning has an end’…

  20. Kirby said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 11:14

    Thanks Bruno, I’ll tweak it.

  21. anybody said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 11:23

    one could say that the term has been remixed from a philosophical term of art to a term that most, instead of few, people can understand and make use of.

  22. John A James said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 11:24

    So enjoyable outstanding!

    Thank You

  23. dgroseph said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 11:30

    Much thanks for your dedication to creating this work.

    I noticed in your kickstarter for TINACT that you will be making discs of that series. Is that logistically possible to do with this series as well?

    I would absolutely purchase them as it is, for some and the moment, one of the easiest way to propagate this wave.

  24. #edecc1 said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 12:17

    It’s a nice end to this wonderful series I watched several times.
    I actualy catched it the minute it was accessible on Vimeo, f-fiving like crazy haha

    It will be shared as I approve of this message. Again, great job here.

  25. Juan Ascanio said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 12:29

    Standing ovation!

  26. Steven said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 12:29

    It still bothers me when “begs the question” is used in this way, but I’ve stopped saying anything. I have no problem with there being a new meaning, but my problem is that the original meaning is lost. There is no modern way to describe the logical fallacy of begging the question that isn’t confused by this new meaning.

  27. Steven said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 12:31

    That’s OK, the thing about facts is they don’t need you to agree with them.

  28. Jason said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 12:46

    Enjoyed this series very much. I’m trying to get others to view this, as I believe it’s important, especially in how unnecessarily critical people can be about things. Thus far my favorite person to have taken many ideas and to create something so much bigger has been the mangaka Eiichiro Oda. His art style, story telling, and selection of voice/music for animation has been excellent.

  29. ExecutorElassus said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 13:08

    Video is down, or at least stuck on “This video will be available for viewing shortly.” Can you post a direct link to the vimeo page?

  30. om said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 13:31

    Video is unavailable

  31. Matt said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 13:32

    If you look at the recent activity at the bottom his Vimeo page here: https://vimeo.com/kirbyferguson you can see that people have “liked” it. Clicking on it takes you here: https://vimeo.com/36881035 which is a broken link. I smell a GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY!! (or he’s just editing the sound…)

  32. Karen said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 13:37

    Video is unavailable

  33. David said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 13:43

    I bet this is why it’s offline…damn it Bruno!

  34. mikex said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 13:46

    This video will be available for viewing shortly.

  35. mikex said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 13:49

    BTW: i found a link :
    it says :

    This video is still being uploaded.


  36. Robert said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 14:12

    Please don’t use “begs the question” for “prompts the question”

  37. Isaac said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 14:48

    Any chance of an .mkv version soon like the other parts?

  38. rocketiza said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 14:56

    Excellent for describing the root of the problem, but I think it could have benefited even more by some of current uses examples of technology patents that are out of control. For example, Amazon “owning” one click ordering online.

  39. David said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 15:21

    This should be mandatory viewing for the rabid supporters of every smartphone system.

    The only people that win out of this crazy system we’ve ended up with are lawyers. Everyone else loses.

    Excellent ending to the series.

  40. Rob Kawada said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 16:53

    I tried listening to this with headphones and stopped listening after a couple of minutes. Luckily, I saw your comment and tried again without headphones.

    Decent enough message is sent out in this video, but it needs a lot more follow up with actionable plans.

  41. Will said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 16:56

    Fantastic… Love the idea, very well produced.
    I really waited for the last part and it definitely came up to my expectations…

    Brilliant –

  42. Aleks said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 18:12

    Really excellent. Thank you so much!

    Note: It’s “Funkadelic” not “Funkadlic” @8:44

  43. Ian said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 18:18

    Impressive and thought provoking.

  44. Jose said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 18:42

    This was an excellent video series on the important role copying plays in the process of innovation and evolution.

    I’d like to make the claim that it’s the best material on this subject on the Web. Any backers?

  45. Mr. Kimidori said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 21:11

    Absolutely Amazing! I mist say that aside from all the comments about the facts, that this has been done fantastically! however reading through some post, some posters have been complaining more about the facts and details then about the video, this makes me think that they are overlooking the over all message in favor of accuracy. kinda like a craftsman being more concerned about using the correct tools than of the actual build. but all petty squabbling aside, I agree with Jose when he says that this is probably the best material on the subject out their. I look forward to seeing your future works! may you continue to remix great work in the future; and who knows, maybe someone will remix some of your work for the better of humanity one day! (^__^)

  46. Jonathan said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 22:26

    probably shouldn’t matter too much, but there was a typo for the music credits. “Gold Digger” by *Kanye* West (by mistake it was Kayne West)

  47. Darren said:

    Feb 17, 12 at 04:38


    I loved your entire series. Plainly stated and well thought out arguments backed with very accessible examples..tied together with your amazing editing skills made it meaningful, entertaining, and informative. Growing up with napster, the ownership of intellectual property has been a major interest to me as long as I can remember, and I feel like you did a great job presenting the current state of affairs.

    Did anything in particular drive you to produce this series?

    Looking forward to your next series!

  48. Jerome said:

    Feb 17, 12 at 07:20

    Another gorgeous and outstanding piece of work!

  49. Kane said:

    Feb 17, 12 at 07:21

    Brilliant work, Enjoyed the whole series… shame it had to end. Looking forward to your next project and will spread the word of your work. Your production of these videos are most enjoyable thanks again and will be buying a t-shirt when they pop up, peace x

  50. Kirby said:

    Feb 17, 12 at 08:23

    Thanks Josh! Yeah, few people have pointed this out. I would have said something else had I known.

  51. Kirby said:

    Feb 17, 12 at 08:25

    You’re a true fan! :)

  52. Kirby said:

    Feb 17, 12 at 08:29

    Yes sir!

  53. Kirby said:

    Feb 17, 12 at 08:30

    It’ll be a bit. The subtitles will have to be done first. You can download the video on Vimeo.

  54. Kirby said:

    Feb 17, 12 at 08:32

    Yes, thanks. That’s been fixed and I’ll upload the fixed version soon.

  55. Kirby said:

    Feb 17, 12 at 08:34

    I’ll back you! ;)

    Lots of people love RIP: http://ripremix.com/

    Good Copy, Bad Copy is very good: http://www.goodcopybadcopy.net/

  56. Kirby said:

    Feb 17, 12 at 08:36

    Oops, thanks!

  57. Roland Wyman said:

    Feb 17, 12 at 09:29

    Your fourth and final in this series did not disappoint. Please no not “tweak” too many details people point out. Our most cherished works of art are those with minute flaws we’ve studied through the years!

  58. Isaac said:

    Feb 17, 12 at 11:16

    Sounds good, thanks Kirby. This is a fantastic series.

  59. Kirby said:

    Feb 17, 12 at 16:23

    Thank you Isaac!

  60. failsafe said:

    Feb 17, 12 at 17:57

    Dude, this is absolutely brilliant. I cannot imagine how many hours of work you have put in this. Just keep up the good work! And maybe aim for big-scale documentaries. I predict an oscar in near future.

    Seriously good stuff!

  61. Stefan Tiron said:

    Feb 17, 12 at 18:42

    Great project, clear-minded and very urgent. We’ve been protesting against ACTA in Bucharest Romania like in many other capitals after slavish Romanian politicians already were preparing to sign, the future is uncertain, but we trust in sharing, copyleft and common propriety. Your effort is appreciated here and everywhere. The public over here has great difficulty in understanding this pressing issue in Romania. The press was covering up and/or played down on the gravity of the situation. Our current agriculture minister is a former Monsanto employee.. so you can understand the situation. You film series is a real aid in explaing how ideas, living matter, software are based on multiplication with modification.

    Thx again!

  62. T. said:

    Feb 17, 12 at 23:37

    Hi Kirby,

    I’ve been a fan of your work since I discovered your channel, Goodie Bag on Youtube, around 2007-2008, I think. Thank you for creating Everything is a Remix. It has really a tremendous effect on me and how I see things.

    I would like to support you on your Kickstarter project, however, I live on the other side of the world. I only have PayPal as a means to contribute but Kickstarter is using Amazon. Is there an alternative way of sending you the payment?


  63. Agustin said:

    Feb 17, 12 at 23:41

    Great Job Dude! I watched all the 4 episodes and I have enjoyed very much. I hope you can keep doing this kind of documentaries, you left me thinking in the evolution of ideas.
    I’m from Argentina so I speak spanish, please consider to upload spanish subs as you did with the last episodes.

    PS: It seem to me a bit ironic and comic to add a link to buy the songs you used in the production, may be they should share… LOL

  64. Viator said:

    Feb 18, 12 at 08:18

    The current patent and copyright laws directly reflect the state of our society and the market system. It’s all about property, ego and greed. This has been inflated to an extreme and perverted level. Everything we own is always something we take from others, with force, even if that is only indirectly applied. What this documentary depicts, might be the very peak of perversion though: Denying others to apply knowledge, even if it might save their life (e.g. pharmaceutics). What is inherent to many material things – the food I eat cannot be eaten by someone else as well – is adopted for the world of ideas for the simple and mean sake of profit. Our society is a society of war, everyone against everyone.

  65. zachary jean paradis said:

    Feb 18, 12 at 09:11

    Lovely final installment to an amazing series. Social evolution extends further to societies, nations and cultures a la Jared Diamond. Great stuff and will surely be donating.

  66. Kirion said:

    Feb 18, 12 at 11:42

    Indeed, but Obama’s administration labels it as executive agreement and pretends that congress has no word in it. Senator Wyden fights this. http://wyden.senate.gov/newsroom/press/release/?id=12a5b1cb-ccb8-4e14-bb84-a11b35b4ec53

  67. Kirby said:

    Feb 18, 12 at 11:47

    Thanks T!

    Absolutely, you can do a PayPal donation on the donate page: http://www.allremix.ru/donate/

    I appreciate your support T!

  68. Maria said:

    Feb 18, 12 at 13:22

    Hi Kirby, great work, thanks a lot. Just: the end of chapter 4, this seconds of NY skyline… really? Always the patriotic point. In any production from the States, no matter how contemporary, intelligent or politically engaged it might be… you guys feel always the need to add the patriotic point. Please, stop that. It´s time to get rid of American-centrism. Really.

  69. Kirby said:

    Feb 18, 12 at 14:20

    Thanks for the kinds words, Maria.

    Regarding the America-centrism… really?

    Firstly, I live in the US and have American family, but I’m Canadian.

    Secondly, I live in New York City, as do many viewers of the series. It’s a representation of a relevant place — that is all.

  70. Unicorn Vendetta said:

    Feb 18, 12 at 20:03

    Your series makes wish I was a teacher so I could play them all to my class! Well done Kirby, well done.

  71. Peter said:

    Feb 19, 12 at 03:01

    I’ve been a fan of the series for a few months. Just posted the latest video on my website with a link to your kickstarter. Good luck. Looking forward to the Conspiracy Theory.

  72. Dave said:

    Feb 19, 12 at 12:43

    This is some communist crap. It would be so nice to have a world where everyone just shared everything right? Well, if I knew I was going to develop a piece of software, and not get paid for it, because someone like you would copy it, why would I bother making it in the first place?

  73. Svoboda Spasimirova said:

    Feb 20, 12 at 04:44

    Thank You so much for this video! I ‘m now translating it in my language, it’ important for the future of Freedom of thought, and for the Life on earth itself , that the concepts of this video reach as many Minds as possible!

  74. VM said:

    Feb 20, 12 at 06:59

    Absolutely loved this series and was eagerly awaiting this episode.

    I sincerely hope IP law somehow sees a return to its original rational intentions i.e. the promotion and nurture of innovation, rather than spiraling more and more into the corporate-bias reality of extended copyrights and illogical patents that we see today where much innovation is suffering.

    Thank you so much for making these!

  75. Fredrik Holmberg said:

    Feb 20, 12 at 07:10

    Very nice, and good !
    I met you at Media Evolution in Malmö in Sweden and loved to hear you talk about your work. I really appreciate what you are doing. Looking forward to whatever is next…

  76. Erik said:

    Feb 20, 12 at 10:04

    The basic logic of the series is that ideas are clearly made from other ideas by transforming, combining and copying. You can throw around buzzwords like “communist,” but really that’s just one stop shy of invoking Godwin’s law. If you disagree you are going to have to provide a logical argument.

    So let me counter your argument by with this:

    1. To truly be fair in an intellectual property system every inventor would have to also pay every inventor who he bases his invention on, even if he does not know who that is.
    2. These inventors would also have to pay the inventors THEY based their inventions on. This can go all the way back to paying the scientists who developed the models by which the inventions work, which leads to…
    3. Would the descendants/estate retain these rights? Currently they do to some extent. Should we pay the estate of Einstein for every invention that can be modelled by General Relativity?

    In the end this IP system is no more sustainable than communism, which Kirby is NOT suggesting we turn to, that is a straw man. In fact all he is suggesting is that we need to come up with a new system that is sustainable, one that is for the common good, not the good of whoever has the money to manipulate the system.

  77. Michelle said:

    Feb 20, 12 at 20:04

    Just LOVE & ADMIRE your work, this is an incredible gift to the world. Thank you for doing this. Honestly. Thank you.

  78. Michelle said:

    Feb 20, 12 at 20:06

    If you need some help getting this translated into Spanish please let me know, I´ll be happy to help.

  79. Dax said:

    Feb 20, 12 at 21:26

    Kirby, very well done. Great conclusion to a great topic. I’ve been a fan since part 1. Everyone I’m close to in the music/film/history world, I’ve sent them to your site.
    I want to make sure I’m keep in the loop for the next project. Will you be sending us information thru our emails that are already in your data base from this project? (IE: Everything is a remix) And will you keep posting from this URL? (Or are you going to create a new one for the ‘Conspiracy’ project?
    Again, job well done. Very proud of you. Look forward to the next step.

  80. Gil Peñaloza said:

    Feb 21, 12 at 00:48

    Congratulations, i think your documentary is amazing, I think i create an original thing, and i will be original, I think make my territory, and i just demand the people copy me ,but , it doesn’t exists,you made me think, knowledge must be all for a common good, is that for someone to copy and improve the idea of ​​someone, will be good for the first creator, as it always has been. Sorry for my english, i’m not good in the area, i speak spanis but i hope you understand.

  81. Steve Boyett said:

    Feb 21, 12 at 01:27

    Hey, Kirby, props for taking on an intimidating and complex issue and rendering it clearly and unambiguously. (And for using Gui Boratto on your score.)

    I’m sorry to hear that this is the last of the series, if only because you end on a note indicating the urgency for solutions, and I’d hoped you would point people to some of the organizations that have achieved significant progress and are working tirelessly to address the legal inequities in intellectual property laws — e.g., Creative Commons, The Electronic Frontier Foundation, etc.

    I’m aware how much you had to decide to omit, though, and I’m sure it was frustrating. Terrific job, and I look forward to seeing your future efforts.

  82. GeneWatch said:

    Feb 21, 12 at 10:31

    I can’t say it any better than how the rest of the commenters have already put it.

    Though when you begin talking about Intellectual Property Law I was really hoping you would have commented on gene patenting! Already 20% of our genes are patented, and some scary implications to boot. This might just be interesting and important enough to remix or crate supplemental material for.


  83. Kirby said:

    Feb 21, 12 at 12:54

    It’s already done, but thanks Michelle!

  84. Kirby said:

    Feb 21, 12 at 12:55

    Thanks Steve! I might do a blog post about reforms that I think could help.

  85. Kirby said:

    Feb 21, 12 at 13:00

    That’s an excellent topic. I did investigate it a bit, but I couldn’t find good sources.

    I thought the human genome was public domain. Isn’t that the battle John Sulston etc. fought?

  86. JJ said:

    Feb 21, 12 at 16:37

    Please add links or references to sources in your videos (maybe at the bottom in small print) for everything you say.
    You give very good arguments but without a source, a link, a reference, they lose weight and credibility, and become “what that guy in the video said”.

    Great work, otherwise ;-)

  87. PN said:

    Feb 21, 12 at 16:52

    1. That is pretty much exactly how the US Patent system works (even if you have a patent, you have to license any other patent covering parts of your patent)
    2. Also how the US Patent system works. They set the cut-off to 20 years however, so that
    3. is not an issue.

    The patent system may be broken for other reasons, but not these.

  88. Alex Wording said:

    Feb 21, 12 at 21:07

    Don’t know why I can’t reply to David below. Sorry you ‘fact’ proponents are no better than the religious fanatics who try to shove their beliefs downs other peoples throats with out any evidence. Because your so called facts also lack any concrete evidence. The only thing which science has been able to unequivocally prove is that there is no unequivocal proof. Any good scientist knows that all we have is a working model. If this working model is a useful tool then that is great, but it is not, never has been, and probably never will be made of ‘facts’. For the sake of ease of communications scientists do not dwell on this or point it out every other statement. They know the proofs they have are not REALLY proof of anything except that there is some kind of activity going on in their own thought space creating a subjective sense of perceptions – but pointing this out every time any step is made is counter-productive to the development and constant revision of their working model. They know it is only a working model, and as fallible humans limited by subjective perceptions, a useful working model is about the best we can ever really hope for. It is bad scientists, and layman, and the general public who misinterpret the scientific working model as certainties and ‘facts’. When you blindly follow along and decree working theories to be unquestionable facts, you might as well go join the fundamental religious groups because you have closed your mind to progress and innovation…

  89. Rhetorical said:

    Feb 21, 12 at 21:43

    Hey Kirby, please allow subscribers on your fb so that we might be able to follow your cinematic endeavours, some of us don’t believe in twitter – don’t know if u do either…
    Also, http://www.kickstarter.com/ is down atm

  90. Rhetorical said:

    Feb 21, 12 at 22:04

    found your specified fb page with the 2nd part, thanx ^^,

  91. Chrispy Chriz said:

    Feb 22, 12 at 08:27

    Thank you very much. The whole series influenced and changed the way I was thinking in many ways.

  92. Rolled Up Sleeves said:

    Feb 23, 12 at 08:38

    Such a good message. Almost lost me with the evolution theory at the start. Is it really necessary to tie that into the original intents of patents and copyrights? I suppose religious people must insert their ideas however far fetched the connection to the message, but I wish you hadn’t.

  93. Michael Buchino said:

    Feb 23, 12 at 19:17

    Thank you, Kirby.

  94. Kirby said:

    Feb 24, 12 at 10:52

    Thanks so much Fredrik! :)

  95. Kirby said:

    Feb 24, 12 at 10:54

    Thanks Dax! There will be more posts here as long as I’m doing anything remix-related, which is for the foreseeable future. I’ll be launching a separate site for This is Not a Conspiracy Theory at thisisnotaconspiracytheory.com.

  96. Kirby said:

    Feb 24, 12 at 10:55

    I do Gil and thank you!

  97. Kirby said:

    Feb 24, 12 at 11:00

    Thanks JJ. I agree but I don’t see any elegant solution for that right now. The videos are very dense as-is, without running tiny text at the bottom of the screen throughout. If the footnotes could be a separate text layer that could be turned on, that would work best.

    There is a references page, it’s just not footnoted: http://www.allremix.ru/references/

  98. Kirby said:

    Feb 24, 12 at 12:04

    Thanks very much! Evolution is part of the main theme. I feel it relates in a very central way.

  99. Lucent Fox said:

    Feb 24, 12 at 13:55

    Amazing work, really innovative!

  100. Wei-Wei said:

    Feb 27, 12 at 09:11

    I just watched the entire series in a row, and I have to say that besides the extremely effectively communicated message, the thing that draws me the most to your work is the sheer aesthetic appeal. (Is that Gotham I see? Beautiful.) I’m wondering, what is your background (as a designer, graphic artist, photographer, director?)

  101. Kirby said:

    Feb 27, 12 at 11:54

    Thank you! I worked as a graphic designer for most of my adult life, then starting getting into video about 10 years ago. A few years ago the transfer completed and now it’s all I do.

  102. Lassietay said:

    Feb 27, 12 at 16:16

    Thanks for making this video, well, the whole series in general. We just watched all four parts in my ETS 142 class today to end our unity on subjectivity and the whole class seemed to enjoy it. =3

  103. James said:

    Feb 27, 12 at 19:36


  104. Ben said:

    Feb 28, 12 at 09:26

    Dave, if you had listened to the video, you would know that your concern was addressed within the first few minutes of it. No where does Kirby try to say that everyone should give away their inventions and original ideas. And in fact, he directly says that intellectual property law is necessary to some degree to protect “originals” from the lower prices of “copies.”

    The point this video makes it that through years of corporate lobbying and misguided legal precedent, intellectual property has burst past its original limits, put in place by many of the founding fathers (not communists) and now favors money-grabbing over real innovation. Innovation, by the way, is one of the cornerstones of capitalism.

    So you see, your comment was incorrect. You should definitely go back and watch the video again, this time with an open mind.

  105. Kirby said:

    Feb 28, 12 at 20:36

    Wonderful to hear! :)

  106. Alfredo said:

    Mar 02, 12 at 05:00

    I started to watch the series when it first came out but then forgot about it. Then today on stumbleupon.com, it sent me to this website. I immediately started to watch everything over again. The best part us that I actually have to write an essay about copyright laws for a class I have and now I have a great source to add. I think this is an amazing project that should be shared with many because these corporations are messing with the flow of knowledge, only to make more money. I am going to go to kickstart right now to help with your next project. The title just sounds amazing and if it is a fraction of “Everything Is a Remix” then it will be great. Keep up the good work.

  107. Greg said:

    Mar 06, 12 at 12:30

    This is a little slice of brilliance about ‘The Amen Break’, perhaps the most used sample ever.


  108. MG said:

    Mar 15, 12 at 17:01

    The problem with the anti-IP view proponents is that they don’t attack concrete laws and interpretations–which are certainly flawed–but the concept of Intellectual Property as such.

    They notoriously obfuscate the issue by claiming copyrights attempt to protect ideas when they clearly not– copyrights aim to protect concrete works; products; EXPRESSION of ideas.

    The Disney example cited in this video is classic: Disney did not copyright the common tale of Aladdin, but the VERSION of Aladdin as created by Disney. Anyone is free to take up the common skeletal structure and create a new version–and indeed versions abound. The fact that it’s Disney’s version you’re itching to download illegally and not any other goes to show just how much life and individuality they breathed into the common structure to make it truly unique. Otherwise, you should be just as happy watching any other version instead.

    Inspiration and duplication are hardly the same process–the one is often sparked by something existent to create something new; the other merely repeats the existent.

    The fundamental starting point in this video is that the good of the collective can come at the expense of the individual–but this socialist fallacy has proven itself wrong time and again. The collective is nothing but an assembly of individuals, and if you agree to compromise one for what’s perceived as ‘The Common Good’, you may as well have compromised all.

    Again, to argue that IP laws may need to be reformed is one thing–but to attack the underlying concept of Intellectual Property as such is very different indeed.

  109. MP said:

    Mar 16, 12 at 10:03

    (non native english speaker)
    This is not about downloading new movies for free, this is about giving a limited time of exclusive right to earn profit for your work and/or creativity before at some point it becomes cultural common property. If everything is infinitely intellectual property there can be no progress and Disney wouldn’t have been able to make those movies in the first place.
    And I wouldn’t call something like a hundred years a reasonable timeframe.

  110. MP said:

    Mar 16, 12 at 10:44

    This is also not about making a exact dublicate of Disney’s version of Aladdin but for example taking Mickey Mouse as its basis and creating something new with it, just like Disney took Aladdin. Disney readily took avaible folklore like Aladdin and Snowwhite and used it, but does not allow its own folklore creations like Mickey or Donald Duck to be used as a basis for something new by someone else, even though they already made their profit from it.

  111. MP said:

    Mar 17, 12 at 02:20

    There is a lot of evidence, if it where just a working model for the sake of itself it would not have been sustainable this long.


  112. syntheticperson said:

    Mar 19, 12 at 14:05

    awesome! Inspiring. Thank you.

  113. jeremy beasley said:

    Mar 26, 12 at 13:34

    Hi Kirby –

    Great series! After stumbling upon your work via BrainPickings, I just watched all four episodes straight. I loved the sequencing of the videos as well as the themes in each. However, if I could nitpick with one thing, it would be with your last episode.

    After building up the excitement around creativity through three episodes, you paint this incredibly Doomsday-esque scenario in Part 4, even laying out who the villains may be who threaten to disrupt the creative system, e.g. patent and sample trolls, tech companies, etc. Afterwards, you oversimplify the solution to this issue by claiming “social evolution”(?) as the panacea. I think this conclusion was weak and perhaps even irresponsible.

    If you create this massive following by highlighting the issue, as a part of the “creative” movement, isn’t it part of your responsibility to push the solution to these issues a little more forward? (Aside, in my perspective it’s everyone’s responsibility but you are in a unique position given the platform you’ve created and even the talks you’ve given at the very companies you criticize in your episode).

    I would have loved for you to be more vocal about and recommend ways “we”, your viewers, could support the cause of anti-IP legislation.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the series and was inspired by most. Unfortunately, the last episode was killjoy and the excitement has been replaced by jadedness. I don’t think that was intended effect. Would love to hear your response.

    Best of luck with your future videos.

  114. Jon said:

    Apr 10, 12 at 03:35

    Kirby, this is truly amazing and inspiring work. You’ve really made me think and have changed the way I look at the world (“single-handedly” – haha).

    This is a really important film, especially considering the current climate, as you mentioned. I’ll be recommending this to all my friends.

    I don’t have much money, but I’ve donated £10.

    I look forward to your future creations/copies/transformations :O)

    I randomly discovered this movie when I revisited your comedy sketches on YouTube, which are awesome. I particularly like “American’s Love Lists”.

    Take it easy!

  115. Mik said:

    Apr 19, 12 at 11:50

    Very well done documentary. At first i thought ‘nice pop culture commentary’ then was pleasantly surprised that it was a petition for patent reformation.
    As a designer, i personally hold one of the few design patents awarded for a pair of jeans but confess that it was the way that my lawyer worded the submission and not the originality of the idea – so there you go. Another major breakdown in the patent application process is that you used to have to submit a ‘working physical model’ of your idea – now, especially in the area of software patents the only thing required is the ability to ‘explain’ the idea in the application process without having to provide a ‘working model’ hence the proliferation of patent trolls in the software sector (this means you Apple!)
    BTW just to put the ‘Evolution is Fact’ argument to bed (Josh) please see this comment from a Biochemist who more than likely has a lot more insight as to the ‘facts’ than anyone else commenting on this blog. You can find more on Dissent For Darwin.

    Chris Williams, Ph.D., Biochemistry Ohio State University
    As a biochemist and software developer who works in genetic and metabolic screening, I am continually amazed by the incredible complexity of life. For example, each of us has a vast ‘computer program’ of six billion DNA bases in every cell that guided our development from a fertilized egg, specifies how to make more than 200 tissue types, and ties all this together in numerous highly functional organ systems. Few people outside of genetics or biochemistry realize that evolutionists still can provide no substantive details at all about the origin of life, and particularly the origin of genetic information in the first self-replicating organism. What genes did it require — or did it even have genes? How much DNA and RNA did it have — or did it even have nucleic acids? How did huge information-rich molecules arise before natural selection? Exactly how did the genetic code linking nucleic acids to amino acid sequence originate? Clearly the origin of life — the foundation of evolution – is still virtually all speculation, and little if no fact.
    Regards, Mik

  116. Lorena said:

    Apr 24, 12 at 01:53

    Where did you get all the information?

  117. Lorena said:

    Apr 24, 12 at 01:55

    By the way, your videos are awesome :)

  118. Ben said:

    Apr 30, 12 at 09:13

    Your quotation from Chris William (which I did not look up but will trust is real) does not in any way disprove evolution. We know evolution is real, we see it happen every day with less advanced organisms such as viruses that have short generational spans. Laboratory experiments have been performed to “force” evolution in artificial conditions (e.g., http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Experimental_evolution; and more are easily found with a Google search).

    What you posted only reiterates that scientists are unsure of how life started, not that evolution is, and has been, an active process.

  119. MIck said:

    May 09, 12 at 19:05

    Am spreading the word …

    A good place to start is tech, mobile phone, ipod and laptop forums where the “who invented what” is discussed with such viriolic fervour. I’ve started already …

    Please don’t let your disagreement with evolution (or otherwise) take the real message off your minds – that all are copiers and no discovers anything in isoolation – even Einstein had mentors and influences!

    Will donate when I can access PayPal.
    This is of great value as it expresses what many already can see, and it does it well.