Everything is a Remix Part 4 Soundtrack

These two songs are missing from the player above:
“Plants Inside” by Strangeloop
“Freeze” by The Kleptones

Here’s a list of the songs in case you can’t see the Amazon widget.

0:05 “Plants Inside” by Strangeloop
1:00 “Galuchat” by Gui Boratto
2:12 “Freibad” by Hauschka
3:38 “Freeze” by The Kleptones
4:50 “Common Exchange” by Emika
5:32 “My Sweet Lord” by George Harrison
5:40 “He’s So Fine” by The Chiffons
5:57 “It Must Be Jesus” by The Southern Tones
6:08 “I Got a Woman” by Ray Charles
6:14 “Gold Digger” by Kanye West
7:08 “Organ Donor” by DJ Shadow
7:55 “Plastic People” by Four Tet
9:03 “Final Count of the Collision…” by Public Enemy
9:45 “Where Have All My Files Gone?” by Rachel’s
10:30 “Water From the Same Source” by Rachel’s

9 Responses to “Everything is a Remix Part 4 Soundtrack”

  1. Le Big Z said:

    Feb 18, 12 at 16:36

    if you can’t see the player, try turning of adblock.

  2. Lucas said:

    Feb 19, 12 at 01:22

    Can you guys put the soundtrack somewhere else other than Amazon? Their MP3 store isn’t available worldwide.

  3. Kirby said:

    Feb 19, 12 at 11:46

    Sure, I’ve added a list so you can cut and paste them to anywhere.

  4. Sonic Vendetta said:

    Feb 22, 12 at 02:47

    thanx :)

  5. John said:

    Feb 24, 12 at 07:31

    How can you make this video and then post links to iTunes, after Apple’s outrageous abuses of the patent system?

  6. Blatt said:

    Feb 25, 12 at 13:41

    Why should I pay for this? Aren’t ideas free?

  7. Kirby said:

    Feb 25, 12 at 20:55

    Actually, it’s not “links”, it’s *one* iTunes link in this entire site. The rest go to Amazon.

    If an artist wants to sell their stuff on iTunes, then that’s what I’ll link to. Where they choose to sell their stuff is up to them.

  8. Kirby said:

    Feb 25, 12 at 20:56

    To support the artists, dumbass.

  9. xxcoy said:

    Feb 25, 12 at 21:05

    Sure. And the money invested in it by renting a studio, time invested writing and composing it, work invested arranging it – and all the work put into it from musician, audio technician to lowest employee at any big distributer should be free too, don’t you think?
    If you think so, you should be alright with not charging anything for your work, too.