Part 3 Soundtrack

Vorspiel, Wiener Philharmoniker
From the album Wagner: Das Rheingold

Finger Bib, Alarm Will Sound
From the album Acoustica

Pocket Calculator, Kraftwerk
From the album Computer World

Some Kind of Nature, Gorillaz
From the album Plastic Beach

E-Musik, Neu!
From the album Neu! 75

Highschool Lover, Air
From the album Virgin Suicides

Knife, Grizzly Bear
From the album Yellow House

Finger Bib (Original Version), Aphex Twin
From the album Richard D. James Album

Le Rallye, Tindersticks
From the album Claire Denis Film Scores 1996-2009

2 Responses to “Part 3 Soundtrack”

  1. Logan M. Cheek said:

    Jul 02, 11 at 12:38

    An excellent update of Arthur Koestler’s “The Act of Creation” (1964). I’ve been a big fan of Koestler’s concept of “bisociation” as the basis of creativity ever since my college days. Thanks for this production / update.

    The book is still floating around on Amazon, but unfortunately out of print, and not on Kindle either. But the review on Amazon mirrors my thinking precisely:

  2. onReload said:

    May 30, 12 at 01:24

    Gotta love the usage of Fingerbib! you have the acoustic cover (by Alarm Will Sound) of an electronic song (by Aphex Twin), which is an interpretation of the theme song from an old British kids’ TV show (the Fingerbobs)…and that song was originally published on one of his earlier EPs, under a different name, and without that gross ripping sound in the beginning. So it’s a cover of a remastered interpretation. Fine work!