Everything is a Remix Part 4 update

Time for the classic good news-bad news combo. The good news is that Everything is a Remix Part 4 looks really good. In many ways, I think it’s the best thing I’ve done. The bad news is – of course – that it’s behind schedule, and honestly, I’m not even sure how far behind it is. My guess right now is that it will be out in mid-January. Visit here again for further updates or follow me on Twitter. Or best of all, sign-up for the mailing list and you’ll be notified the moment the video drops.

Couple more items:

  • I’m running a holiday special on Everything is a Remix merchandise: $5 off on t-shirts and posters. There are only 7 shirts and 13 posters remaining and once they’re gone they’re gone. Order now to make sure you get them for Christmas.
  • I’ll be at SXSW in March and in the UK for an extended stay in the summer.
  • Everything is a Remix Part 4 will likely be premiered at a live event here in Brooklyn.

13 Responses to “Everything is a Remix Part 4 update”

  1. Børge / forteller said:

    Dec 05, 11 at 18:04

    I’d buy one to support your great work, if only there were any small left…

    PS: How’s it going with adding that one line of code that I e-mailed you to the header here?

  2. Dave said:

    Dec 07, 11 at 03:34

    Love, the first three. Looking forward to the forth one. Take your time, no rush. (Want you to do make it the best you can).

  3. Dave said:

    Dec 07, 11 at 03:43

    Hello Kirby,

    Have you thought of putting your projects on http://www.Kickstarter.com I think your Video Projects are much better then some of the others on there and have to do with creativity (remixing)… and several people would probably support you. I only bring this up because I think your work deserves being backed. It would also be a way to promote your work to people who may not know about it, yet.

  4. Kirby said:

    Dec 07, 11 at 11:35

    Yep, stay tuned! :)

  5. Kirby said:

    Dec 07, 11 at 11:35

    No worries Borge! That code tweak is coming — just need to find time. :)

  6. Børge / forteller said:

    Dec 07, 11 at 13:35

    Just FYI: There are other services like Kickstarter too. Like IndieGoGo (keep all the money no matter if you reach your goal or not), and Goteo (especially created for Free Software and Free Culture projects) are just two of them. I have no idea which one is the best for you, just wanted you to know. :)

  7. Ty said:

    Dec 08, 11 at 19:15

    Not to add even MORE patential material to wade through for inclusion, but this ars piece on medical patents may be of interest. Not too long.


  8. UNDER said:

    Jan 03, 12 at 08:51

    Check this! Another perfect and cool example!

  9. fanofafan said:

    Jan 07, 12 at 10:47

    dude, ive been waiting so long for this thing to come out…come on man

  10. Curator said:

    Feb 02, 12 at 06:16

    Hi Kirby,
    Lovin’ your work!
    Will you be doing any talks while you’re over here in the UK?


  11. Kirby said:

    Feb 02, 12 at 22:11

    Yep! More details to come…

  12. 网络分析仪 said:

    Mar 19, 12 at 00:56


  13. Kenson Goo said:

    Apr 11, 12 at 14:59

    Awesome works! I missed this year SXSW! So bad.