Protect IP Act Breaks the Internet

When I found out Fight for the Future needed help with their campaign against a new bill called PROTECT-IP, I had to take a little time away from Everything is a Remix Part 4 and produce the video above. PROTECT-IP is the latest piece of legislation aiming to chip away at your online rights in the name of protecting the entertainment industry’s business model. It’s legislation that won’t work, will give us yet more lawsuits, and will make the net worse.

Whether you lean right and hate business regulation, lean left and hate censorship, or lean neither way but hate useless legislation, PROTECT-IP is a bill everyone should oppose. I encourage you to head over to Fight For the Future and contact congress.

10 Responses to “Protect IP Act Breaks the Internet”

  1. Bernard said:

    Oct 29, 11 at 08:03

    I think the Australian government tried to pass a law on internet censorship also.

    But if the Americans do it then definitely other countries will follow suit.

    The money mongers need to realise that we need more baby dancing videos so that we don’t become mindless zombies…

  2. Jordan said:

    Nov 04, 11 at 01:36

    The internet is a vast resource that allows information sharing across cultural borders. censorship and heavier restrictions destabilize our ability to become more familiar with surrounding nations and foreign cultures including those within in the US. A bill like this can only hinder our ability for diplomacy with all cultures and hurts our economy as well by eliminating smaller companies who can benefit local and global economies.

  3. Børge / forteller said:

    Nov 04, 11 at 21:04

    Please sign the petition against Protect-IP over at Demand Progress!

  4. J. said:

    Nov 18, 11 at 10:35

    how could someone who’s not from the U.S. support the anti Protect-Ip campaign?

    not talking about just posting it on Facebook

  5. Pix said:

    Nov 21, 11 at 00:27

    It’s easy: If this becomes a reality, the best thing we can do is stop buying anything related to the show bis: movies, music, games, whatever.

    But hold on. You don’t have to get desparate like: but damn, how am I going to see the next Twilight movie or listen to the next Justin Bieber’s song?!!

    I’m pretty sure that if we do that for, let’s say three months… the damage will be soooo big to the enterteinment industry that they will rethink tenderly about what they did.

    Mean time we can entertein ourselves with whatever music, movies and games we already have, and even better, we can find other things to do that we weren’t doing before, because our time was totally taken by such things.

    Another thought that I have is that, instead of wasting time with such laws, why they don’t try to remodel the copyright one?

  6. Ms T said:

    Jan 18, 12 at 10:45

    Greetings from France. I am an American teaching English in a university in Normandy, and I would like to teach this subject to my law students. Does anyone know of any videos that explain this information can also be found with French subtitles? There is a similar bill here, known as Hadopi, and I am hoping to be able to raise awareness about what is going on. Thank you.

  7. Sandra Carey said:

    Jan 31, 12 at 14:34

    Personally, just today I found about a singer called Joan Jett, and I loved her. Some time ago I also found out about several French bands that, due to the lack of non-American music available in Argentina, where I live, I wouldn’t have discovered without Youtube, Grooveshark or many other download websites. Our music stores are just filled with the regular teen pop singers everyone seems to hate or love blindly, and I think that, without the posibility to download and hear music for free in the Web, our world would be way too big.
    Thanks for your attention.

  8. Isaac said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 14:45

    Any chance of an .mkv version of Part 4 like the rest of the parts?

  9. Isaac said:

    Feb 16, 12 at 14:45

    Sorry, I meant to post this on the Everything is a Remix Part 4 page. Feel free to delete this and the previous comment if you like.

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    Mar 23, 12 at 16:53

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