Highly Recommended

  • Where Good Ideas Come From, Steven Johnson
  • The Ecstasy of Influence, Jonathan Lethem
  • Reality Hunger, David Shields
  • The Myths of Innovation, Scott Berkun
  • Insanely Great, Stephen Levy
  • Infringement Nation, John Tehranian
  • Reclaiming Fair Use, Patricia Aufderheide & Peter Jaszi
  • Patent Failure, James Bessen

Series-wide References


  • Cognitive Surplus, Clay Shirky
  • Common as Air, Lewis Hyde
  • Copyrights and Copywrongs, Siva Vaidhyanathan
  • Here Comes Everybody, Clay Shirky
  • Piracy, Adrian Johns
  • Pirate’s Dilemma, Matt Mason
  • In Praise of Copying, Marcus Boon (also available as a free download)
  • The Public Domain, James Boyle (also available as a free download)
  • Remix, Lawrence Lessig
  • Silent Theft, David Bollier
  • The Wealth of Networks, Yochai Benkler
  • Origins of Genius, Dean Keith Simonton
  • The Act of Creation, Arthur Koestler
  • Weaving the Web, Tim Berners-Lee
  • Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell
  • What the Dog Saw, Malcolm Gladwell
  • The Gift, Lewis Hyde


  • Good Copy, Bad Copy
  • RiP: A Remix Manifesto, Brett Gaylor
  • Steal This Film 1 & 2
  • Can I Get An Amen?, Nate Harrison
  • Ressemblance
  • Versions, Oliver Laric
  • Connections 1, 2 and 3, James Burke


  • Variations, Jon Leidecker
  • My Sin, My Soul… Whose Lolita?, On the Media
  • Homages, Ripoffs and Coincidences
  • TechDirt

Episode 1 References

  • WhoSampled
  • Turn Me On, Dead Man
  • SongFacts
  • Sound Opinions on Rock Plagiarism
  • Hammer of the Gods, Stephen Davis
  • The Soft Machines

Episode 2 References

  • Kill Bill References Guide
  • Kill Bill Reference, Sylvia
  • Kill Bill: An Unofficial Casebook, D.K. Holm
  • George Lucas Stole Chewbacca, But It’s Okay
  • The Making of Star Wars, J.W. Rinzler
  • The Secret History of Star Wars, Michael Kaminski
  • Star Wars Origins
  • Nobrow, John Seabrook
  • When Will White People Stop Making Films Like Avatar?
  • Avatar = Pocahontas in Space

Episode 3 References

  • Where Good Ideas Come From, Steven Johnson
  • How Breakthroughs Happen, Andrew Hargadon
  • The Myths of Innovation, Scott Berkun
  • Explaining Creativity, R. Keith Sawyer
  • Creativity: Beyond the Myth of Genius, Robert W. Weisberg
  • Creating Minds, Howard E. Gardner
  • Smart World, Richard Ogle
  • Insanely Great, Stephen Levy
  • Revolution in the Valley, Andy Hertzfeld
  • Apple Confidential 2.0, Owen Linzmayer
  • Wikimedia Commons
  • Digibarn
  • Triumph of the Nerds (1996 PBS documentary based on Robert X. Cringely’s book Accidental Empires)
  • Mini vMac (Mac emulator)
  • Cathode (Vintage terminal emulator)

Episode 4 References

  • Infringement Nation, John Tehranian
  • Reclaiming Fair Use, Patricia Aufderheide & Peter Jaszi
  • The Selfish Gene, Richard Dawkins
  • Creative License, Kembrew McLeod & Peter DiCola
  • Viral Spiral, David Bollier
  • The Patent Crisis and How the Courts Can Solve It, by Dan L. Burk & Mark A. Lemley
  • Copyright’s Paradox, Neil Weinstock Netanel
  • Against Intellectual Monopoly, Michele Boldrin & David K. Levine
  • Cutting Across Media, Kembrew McLeod & Rudolf Kuenzli
  • Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson
  • FOSS Patents
  • Networked Knowledge and Combinatorial Creativity