Trade and Order

Obama’s graphics team employed a bit of subliminal remixing during the 2012 State of the Union. This is the titling accompanying his introduction of the Trade Enforcement Unit, a body for “investigating unfair trade¬†practices.”

4 Responses to “Trade and Order”

  1. John Robinson said:

    Jan 25, 12 at 13:38

    Excellent observation!

  2. Fred McGriff said:

    Jan 25, 12 at 22:21

    ^ Excellent comment!

  3. Charles said:

    Jan 30, 12 at 06:33

    Hey, just thought I’d let you know I gave you a little write-up on my blog.

  4. Joe Roth said:

    Feb 26, 12 at 10:57

    seems to be even more of a Law & Order SVU ripoff because it uses the word Unit